I’ll be the one with the camera on the morning of your day!  That’s the obvious part. 

What you won’t know now, but will on the day of your wedding…

I will be the one singing along to the songs on your Spotify playlists, giving you a hug if the emotions get a bit high, reminding you to drink water and of course handing the champagne. I’ll be talking to your family to check in with them and see how they are doing whilst holding back in the corner, as you hug your family at the first look of seeing your Dad. Steve will be getting your partners photos looking gorgeous and smart, having a laugh and putting them at ease whilst they nervously check the time.

You walk down the aisle and you clock eyes with your partner, as you stand in front of your guests and figdet those hands, I wink and smile as it’s all happening! The important part is done and now it’s time to relax. Some guests go in seperate ways, but as we have already organised with your co-ordinator to bring out the drinks where we need to do the first group shot. We will fly through your groups with the aim to create legacy family images quickly and get you back to relaxing with friends.

As your guests head in to be seated for their meal, this is our time for relaxed, in the moment portraits of you both. We laugh, you kiss, we give you prompts, you hug and nuzzle together. We don’t do school portraits of our couples; we do loving in the moment togetherness.

By the time you are finished your wedding breakfast, you’re cutting your wedding cake on the dance floor, it’s whisked away ready for the partying to begin! We sing loudly with the music and enjoy the final moments of documenting your day.

We’ve made friends with your guests, we spend a few minutes saying goodbye and thanking your suppliers for their help on the day.

We are more than photographers. We are experience. We are calm. We are fun and quiet when needed; all whilst photographing the most important day of your life.

Love notes…

Steph and Steve and the best photographers I have ever met. They provided the wedding photography for our wedding day and as someone who hates having their picture taken, they made every moment enjoyable. All of our guests commented on just how great they were. They are both so warm, friendly and constantly smiling which is just infectious.


Foxhills Hotel Bride


We love photography, it’s been everything we’ve known

20 years of photography


Where it all began

Photography really kickstarted in 2000 when Stephanie won local photography competitions at a young age. This really ignited the art and went on to work in newspapers in Scotland at the beginning of her career.


Moved to Bracknell

Stephanie is from Edinburgh and Steve from Ascot; we met in 2002 and decided to set up camp in Bracknell. We’ve been together 19 years – celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2022!


Got Married

Picture this; a beach outside Edinburgh in the shadow of the Fourth Rail and Road bridges, Stephanie and Steve got married on a sunny June afternoon. This is where the relaxed wedding passion came from and we knew we wanted to change wedding photography from here.


mini photographer here to help

Hundreds of weddings photographed over the 15 years we have been photographing. In 2018, our little boy was born, this is the reason we do what we do. 


The Covid Year

2020 was set to be our biggest year yet for our wedding couples. We were so excited at the beginning of the year and even remember now the Ascot Wedding Fair in March 2020 where we booked several couples and we were all talking about this covid thing. Who would’ve thought how much it would impact us all. We are thankful we are here to tell the tale and so is our business.

today 2022

Living the dream

2021-2022 will forever be known as the catchup years for the wedding industry. A busy year anyway, but add on top the rescheduled couples from 2020; it’s been a full wedding year! We’ve loved every minute of it and seeing our couples finally get married has been an absolute joy.