Charming, cheerful, brimming with a whole lotta love and a burst of colours – this is what Amy and Chris’s wedding at the elegant Cantley House Hotel was all about! Oh! What a beautiful day it was and the memories we created for our lovely couple made us so happy as creatives! Yes, we did witness a spell of rain, but guess that only made this special day even more refreshing and the photos more vibrant. The breathtaking backgrounds that the Cantley House Hotel provided us with not only made our work easier but also that much more exciting. The glorious gardens at this Victorian manor house, the countryside environment and the rustic barn vibes blended perfectly well with our couple’s wedding theme and helped us highlight their lovely personalities in the best possible way. Just like Amy and Chris, their guests were also so warm and welcoming. We loved spending our time with all of them and enjoyed documenting our couple’s big day as the events unfolded before us.

Cantley House Hotel Wedding Photography

The day started on a sunny note, with a few clouds hanging in the sky. However, the forecast predicted rain at exactly the time of the ceremony. So, we had our fingers crossed, hoping for good weather. Half an hour before the ceremony, Amy confirmed with the registrar and Alice, Dianne and Lara, the awesome wedding team at Cantley, that she really would like the ceremony outdoors. At that time, it looked as if the clouds were clearing and thankfully they did! 

The ceremony was held in the brand new pavilion outdoors, complete with all the guests’ chairs and the red carpet. We were so happy that our couple got the ceremony they wanted. Later, Amy and Chris walked into the hotel and cheered with a glass of champagne as we organised their guests to line up for a beautiful confetti moment and then straight into the groups. That was the plan and it worked! We got some amazing wedding portraits as emotions like these can’t really be faked. They just come straight from the heart, and we love capturing them into forever photos!

We whooped and cheered for the couple to come out into the confetti. As they got halfway to the end of the line, the heavens opened and it POURED down with rain. At that moment, we literally had a mad dash with the wedding team to get all the chairs and the PA tech indoors before everything got drenched. Soon, we got back to making use of this time to create some great indoor wedding portraits. The images we took inside turned out to look exactly like what we had on our minds – stunning!

After the downpour stopped, all the guests were happy to be back outdoors for family group photographs. Everyone was in high spirits, and we got some lovely, vibrant images. The dewy freshness of the outdoors after the showers, the green grass dripping with water and the colourful florals stood out in the photos beautifully. When the wedding feast was over, our couple came out with us to create a few gorgeous and romantic couple images, with the sun setting in the background. We are so glad that we kept time for this session, as these images turned into our favourite images from the day.

From taking photos of the wedding details to photographing our bride in that perfect light as she got ready for her special day, from taking solo portraits of our bride and groom to creating their close, cuddly and intimate portraits together, it was so much fun. Our couple’s wedding attire and the wedding party’s dresses were gorgeous. Especially, those embroidered bridesmaids’ dresses were absolutely pretty. The florals added a pop of colour to the images, making them a treat for the eyes. Everything else at Amy and Chris’s wedding, from the decor and the table arrangements to the venue with those red-bricked walls and classy indoors, we had everything that could be needed to create great wedding images – and so we did! Amy and Chris, if you guys are reading this, we just want to say that we hope you two love your wedding photos as much as we loved creating them for you.

Get Stellar Wedding Images With Summers Photography

Amy and Chris, you two are beautiful inside out, and we love you lots. We want to thank both of you for giving us the opportunity to photograph your special moments on your beautiful wedding day. Spending time with you two and your lovely guests was a joy. It was so heartwarming to witness the love and support of your close ones for you. Your wedding venue, the Cantley House Hotel, was so dreamy and picturesque, and we’d totally recommend it to our other couples too. We wish you both a happy married life together!

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Featured Berkshire Wedding Vendors

  1. Hairdresser: Hayley Penny
  2. Florist: Queen Bee Studio
  3. Entertainment: Greg Williamson
  4. Makeup Artist: Louise Jackson
  5. Videographer: John Kent
  6. DJ and Lighting: David Grinham
  7. Venue: Cantley House Hotel, Wokingham
  8. Shooter Love: Stephanie and Steve at Summers Photography (husband and wife team)

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