There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding – finalising a venue, finding the right wedding photographer, deciding on a caterer and a decorator, baker, florist etc. And somehow, Charmaine and Ben got the best of everything! Their wedding at the Royal Berkshire, Ascot, was a beautiful and grand affair. These two left no stone unturned to ensure that their wedding photos look exactly like those you see in bridal magazines. From their attire and the venue to all the little details (that I spent plenty of time photographing), everything was laced in royal elegance. Of course, it all perfectly complemented their chosen venue. Charmaine and Ben, if you are reading this, we were honoured to be your wedding photographers! 

Charmaine And Ben’s Wedding At The Royal Berkshire 

Contrary to what most people think about brides, Charmaine was one of the most relaxed brides I’ve worked with. She was smiling and laughing the whole time and just wanted to enjoy her wedding day with all her loved ones. Getting ready was a blast and just a really relaxed, light, and fun morning. The bride’s mum was a joy to be around. While Charmaine was busy getting ready, her mum showed us all the details, including the bride’s shoes, her silver sixpence, the flowers – all the little bits that build up to the whole picture. And once she showed us those things that my bride spent so much time planning, we ensured that we documented everything – from her perfume to the flowers.

The one thing that stood out to us were Charmaine’s sparkling crystal Jimmy Choos. We knew Charmaine had great style, and those shoes were undoubtedly a perfect match for her. She wore two pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes – the dazzling crystal heels for the party dress and the most amazing trainers with knee-high socks underneath her huge Disney princess bridal dress. And when it comes to photographing such unique pairs of shoes, every detail counts. We have to admit, if comfort-chic is a thing, then Charmaine totally nailed the look! Before the dinner started, she even changed into an equally pretty party dress because there was no way she would be able to manoeuvre the tables in the reception with her wedding dress. If that’s not smart planning, we don’t know what is.

The ceremony was gorgeous! Seeing their son’s reaction as Charmaine walked down the aisle was so heartwarming. He was so excited and in awe of his mother! Watching the bride and groom walking up the aisle to confetti was absolute bliss. It had a wonderful background with the stunning arch from Seventh Heaven, stylish chairs, and a white carpet. It was as if they were walking on a cloud! The reception marked a beautiful and fun end to the day. Going with the theme, Charmaine and Ben had a 6 tier cake suspended on a heart frame. It was an incredible centrepiece to the reception room and one of the most remarkable cakes we have ever photographed. When it comes to attention to detail, these two didn’t leave anything out.

One of our personal favourite moments of the day were the bridal portraits. Getting a chance to photograph a newly married happy couple is always special, and with these two and the lovely golden hour, we didn’t even realize where the time went. We also explored the grounds around Royal Berkshire and photographed the newlyweds around the pond, the trees, and finished with one of our favourite images of Charmaine, Ben, and their son. All three of them gave us the most beaming smiles ever! 

A Luxurious Wedding Photography Experience with Summers Photography

Charmaine and Ben, we wish you a very happy married life! It was such a privilege to photograph your big day, and once again, we’d like to thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers. Your wedding day and all the arrangements you made were truly impressive, and we were so happy to work with you and meet your family, who were so incredibly warm and welcoming. We wish you a bright future together and look forward to photographing more of your milestones! 

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Featured Ascot Wedding Vendors

  1. Florist: Seventh Heaven, 
  2. Videographer – W4 Wedding Films,
  3. Makeup: Makeup By Shab,
  4. Hair: Gina Thompson,
  5. Magician/Illusionist: Matt Stirling 
  6. Menswear: Cookham Formal Hire,
  7. Cake: Asian Wedding Cakes,
  8. Venue: Royal Berkshire, Ascot, Berkshire

Second Shooter Shoutout

  1. Stephanie and Steve – Husband and wife team

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