Whilst walking our cocker spaniel, I received a phone call and voicemail from one of the managers at Easthampstead Park Conference Centre.  The jist of the message was “Steph are you free, our wedding today is happening in 40 minutes and the photographer pulled out of the wedding”.  As an Easthampstead Park Wedding Photographer that has worked at the venue for years, I wanted to be able to help both them and the couple.

My stomach turned and instantly felt for the couple.  We had family plans that day, but there was no way I could sit and know that a couple would be without photographs on their most special day, so I managed to get home, pack the camera and head over to our favourite venue with about 20 minutes to spare.

Easthampstead Park really is my favourite Wokingham Wedding Venue; we have been recommended Easthampstead Park Wedding Photographer for a few years and is the home to our beginners photography courses. The venue is stunning, with the most beautiful grounds, the driveway that goes on for miles, everywhere is picturesque, but the staff are fantastic; you won’t find better wedding managers for your wedding. 

The wedding manager that day took me upstairs to the bridal suite and walked in. I recognised the bride instantly, she started to cry and said “oh my god – you are Summers Photography!” Well, if that isn’t a welcome, I don’t know what is. It turns out that I had met the couple at a wedding fair, they wanted to book with us, but budgets came into it and went with someone else.  

It just goes to show you that going with a cheaper photographer doesn’t always pay off.  You get what you pay for and you receive a professional service, great customer service and photographers that are reliable. 

The day was a dream, with the perfect little wedding in the outdoor pavilion, great group shots, but the portraits were my favourite – just look at them! I love the car on the drive way, it really is the quintessential wedding image for Easthampstead Park.

If you are looking for your Easthampstead Park Wedding Photographer, then feel free to get in touch on our website or email at info@summers-photography.co.uk 

Review from Francesca and David:

Stephanie and Steve at Summers Photography are honestly our knights in shining armour!

My husband and I got married yesterday at Easthampstead Park House. We had booked a photographer but 1 hour before the ceremony they hadn’t shown as he was away on holiday and had supposedly not put our wedding in the diary…despite us already discussing with him what we wanted etc.

Anyway as you can imagine being the bride and with an hour to go i was panicking and going out of my mind at the fact that we wouldn’t have a photographer to capture moments from our special day!

But with 30mins till the ceremony in walked Steph and I almost burst into tears….not only was I relieved but I had seen Summers Photography before at afew wedding fayres and absolutely love their work!

So I just wanted to say a massive Thank you to Steph and Steve for not only saving the day and getting to the venue having been given 20mins notice…but also for cancelling their family plans to be there for us!

My husband and I cannot Thank You both enough for what you did for us yesterday.

We can’t wait to see the photos! x

Contact Easthampstead Park at their website here – https://eastpark.co.uk/

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You also get Steve as your photographer on your wedding day. We are husband and wife, a duo, a twosome! We also like music and coffee a bit too much. Hello toddler parent life! We want to work with couples that “get” photography and see the importance it has in imortalising your wedding day. If that’s you friend, then send a message. We shoot limited weddings per year so we give the best service to you.


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