How Does A Wedding Photographer – Present Their Images After The Wedding

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After having photographed Berkshire weddings as a husband and wife team for nearly 20 years, we have gotten plenty of time to perfect our post-wedding workflow. From photographing your wedding to even a year later – we ensure that our relationship with our couples extends beyond the wedding day. And to ensure that our couples benefit from this relationship, we try our best to not keep them waiting for too long for their big day photos. If you don’t know what kind of timeline you can expect from a wedding photographer after the wedding, we’ve outlined ours below! 

When To Expect Your Wedding Photos

1. Wedding Date 

The wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. Our job as your wedding photographers is to make sure that you get to enjoy the day without worrying about whether or not all the photographs you specifically wanted are being captured or not. Since there’s more than one of us, we cover more ground, and while one of us might be focusing on our couple, the other is out there taking photos of your lovely family and friends.

2. The Week After The Wedding 

At this point, there’s still a lot of wedding excitement. And we know all our couples are itching to get a glimpse of their wedding images. We know how much your wedding photos matter to you, and since nobody loves waiting, we aim to get a few sneak previews to you in order to share some of our favourite images and for you to have a couple rather than waiting for the full gallery.

3. The Month To Six Weeks After The Wedding 

We want to make sure that each photograph from your wedding is a masterpiece, so at this point, we are still working hard to make sure we deliver only the best to you. We are busy in the background finalising and polishing your images. We deliver the full gallery to you on a secure, online gallery where you can download, share the pictures with your loved ones, and order products from us. 

4. Eight Weeks After The Wedding 

This step comes in two weeks after the gallery delivery. This is where you choose your favourite images depending on what product you have chosen to purchase from us. The folio boxes come with prints and a USB, and the album boxes come with an album of images and a USB.

5. 12 Weeks After The Wedding 

Six weeks after the gallery delivery and four weeks after you’ve chosen your favourite photographs, I will have designed your wedding album and sent you the proofs. Once you go through everything and we finalise the album design together, I will send your album to the lab to get printed. 

6. 16 Weeks After The Wedding 

Ten weeks after gallery delivery and eight weeks after you have picked your favourite images for your chosen product, your folio box or album will be delivered to me. We want you to continue to have a 5-star experience with us even beyond the wedding day, so I take a look at the final product to make sure that everything is as it should be, and then we meet so I can hand over the product to you personally!

7. One Year After Your Wedding

One year after we’ve photographed your wedding, we send a little reminder to say happy anniversary and that your wedding images are out of backup security now. At this point, we request you to make sure they are backed up on a USB, cloud, or anywhere else you can access them any time and store them safely. 

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