A Victorian countryside hotel, gorgeous rustic barn, lush greenery, beautiful indoor spaces, a super happy couple and truly excited guests – this is what Kath and Chalie’s wedding was all about. It was such a beautiful day and the venue, Cantley House Hotel, made everything even more amazing with its breathtaking setting and perfect lighting – both outdoors and indoors. The celebration – which we had the honour to photograph – was so full of love and laughter. And there wasn’t a single dull moment throughout. Also, there was no dearth of interesting wedding activities as well as poignant moments brimming with genuine emotions. The company of our couple was a pleasure and the guests were so warm and welcoming. We loved creating all those gorgeous wedding portraits and had lots of fun in the process.

Cantley House Hotel Wedding Photography

We are blessed with super couples, and it applies to these two in spades. Our connection with Kath and Charlie began when we met at a local wedding fair. And then, from meeting them in person to discussing the wedding to them booking us and then, seeing them both at many other fairs and finally meeting just before the wedding for final plans, it was like we had known our beautiful couple for years. Oh! How we shared jokes and had such hearty laughs! It was like finding our long-lost friends once again.

Kath and Charlie’s wedding was so special, and thanks to Diane, Alice and Lara, the incredible support team at Cantley House Hotel, everything was taken care of superbly well! It was so lovely to see all the guests enjoying the celebration and our couple smiling ear to ear for most of their big day. And the rest of the time, they were either busy soaking in all the heart-touching moments and the pleasant vibes or whispering sweet nothings to each other. So adorably romantic!!!

After we photographed Kath and Charlie individually, it was time for some adorable couples portraits in the beautiful surrounds of the Cantley House Hotel. Creating their photos with the bridal party and other guests was also so much fun. The florals were pretty, the decor was amazing and all the wedding details were really unique. The shoes were made from recycled Marvel comics (Avengers), the bouquet and cufflinks were made from Marvel comics backed onto purple paper. At first glance, you’d know that the flowers were unusual, but you would never know they were made of paper! Really unique. They looked gorgeous and added a perfect pop of colour to the images. Kath and Charlie’s wedding cake was 5 tiers of classic white icing on the front and on the back was the graphics and logos for each of the Avengers! We really have to say this – the way these two devised fun and amazing concepts to showcase their love for Marvel really surprised us. It’s always a joy to see our couples putting in all the effort to add a personal touch to their wedding and highlight their personalities on their most special day. Kath and Charlie, you did it so well!

Not just this – there were many other super cool moments at this wedding, which we enjoyed witnessing and loved documenting into forever photos. One of the friends of our couple had an interesting face covering. It was printed with a really funny smile, and the couple thought this was hilarious! Of course, we had to get a photograph of that! Also, while we were doing a few candids and smaller group photos after the meal, someone shouted, “Look, a Christmas tree!” We thought that they were joking as it was July and there couldn’t have been a Christmas tree around. But no… they were right! Standing behind me (Stephanie) was a man dressed up as a Christmas tree and about 10 other elves with Christmas jumpers. The funny thing about this was that it was either a very late and delayed Christmas party going on at the restaurant next door or a very early one for the next Christmas! Hahaha… Nonetheless, we had to have a photograph with them and the results were fantastic. We got such fun wedding images and crazy memories to cherish.

From photographing our couple and their guests indoors to taking their photos outdoors amidst natural light and verdant greenery, we enjoyed it all. The picturesque setting of the Cantley House Hotel made our work all the more refreshing and pleasurable. From the majestic brick-red mansion to the elegant wooden structures, we had all of it at our disposal and captured every pretty nook and corner so that we could do justice to our couple’s choice of venue and make their wedding story stand out.

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Kath and Charlie, you two are beautiful inside out and true rockstars! Your wedding was lively and vibrant and photographing every moment was a delight. The unexpected Christmas tree made it even more fun-filled and memorable. Also, the love and support of your family and friends for you two just warmed our hearts. We want to thank both of you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers and wish you two a lifetime of happiness together.

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  1. Venue: Cantley House Hotel
  2. Hair: Natalie Stokes
  3. Florist: Paper Jackdaw
  4. Shooter Love: Stephanie & Steve (husband and wife team), Summers Photography

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