Steph and Graham said “I do” at Old Luxters Barn in Hambledon, Henley on what was such a beautiful Spring day.

Right from the getting ready in the morning, those quiet moments before the ceremony, the tears throughout the vows – right through until the evening entertainment; there was laughter in abundance!

It was such a joyous occasion and everything went without a hitch.

It was so wonderful to work with such a welcoming couple – including their friends and family too!

Our favourite highlights from the day:

The bride’s something blue – her Christian Dior shoes that I could have photographed ALL day!

The floral decor and gin favours on the table. This style suited the venue perfectly as Old Luxters is still a working micro-brewery today. Sloe Gin = favourite!

Their lavender seed confetti was so much fun and smelled amazing afterwards!

The surprise visitors on the Harley Davidson bikes – total photo op!

The laughter, pure glee throughout the day! Enjoy the story of their day in the photographs below, including their talented suppliers at the bottom of the blog.

Stephanie and Steve.



If you are looking for your Old Luxters Barn Wedding Photographer then drop us a message with your details at our website or email

Choosing your Old Luxters Barn Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the top 3 weddings decisions a couple will make after date and venue. Our role is to capture your beautiful day from the moment you apply your makeup to when you are partying with your guests on the dance floor!  We are there to support you, as well as photograph! We’ve helped clean wedding dresses, fetch bouquets, do up backs of dresses, have stashes of tissues and mints if needed!

Find a wedding photographer that you can be yourself with

It can be daunting looking for your wedding photographer, but the one thing that has been told over and over again from our clients is how much we put them at ease throughout the day and that we weren’t in your face taking hours to take and style 3 portraits. It’s not about the photography on the day, it’s about you guys celebrating and spending time with friends and family.

It’s the real moments in wedding photography

At Summers Photography, we have been photographing weddings since 2007. To sum up our photography style, would be vibrant, colourful, relaxed and raw. Raw is a funny word, but we look for those raw moments, looks of love that nobody else would notice, the moments of glancing looks and those giggles or tears being wiped away. It’s also how we work your portraits and groups, we will prompt you to stand, walk, sit, play in specific places to work with the light; it’s unscripted, it’s you guys, it’s raw and real moments.

Find out more about Luxters here

About me

I’m Steph!

You also get Steve as your photographer on your wedding day. We are husband and wife, a duo, a twosome! We also like music and coffee a bit too much. Hello toddler parent life! We want to work with couples that “get” photography and see the importance it has in imortalising your wedding day. If that’s you friend, then send a message. We shoot limited weddings per year so we give the best service to you.


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