Racheal & Alex’s South Hill Park & Meade Hall Wedding


Intimate weddings have a unique charm of their own. Besides getting more time to themselves, couples also get to share their special day with those who matter to them the most at an unhurried, relaxed pace. This just takes away the worry of not being able to attend to a long list of guests. And, that’s why, as their wedding photographer, seeing Racheal and Alex have a great time with their loved ones on their big day was such an amazing feeling for us. Theirs was a sweet and small wedding, with 14 guests in attendance. It had all the elements of a traditional wedding – just minus the stress. What the wedding had in abundance were happy, relaxed faces, genuine emotions, and plenty of heart-touching moments. And all of these made for the perfect ingredients for some incredible wedding portraits and some lovely, romantic couple images against the wonderful backdrops of the stunning wedding venues. For their ceremony, our couple chose the South Hill Park, while the reception was held in the Meade Hall at The Crown & Cushion, Berkshire. The images we got of our couple and their friends and family members at these beautiful locations reflected the easy vibe that this wedding embodied!


South Hill Park & Meade Hall Crown Wedding Photography


Alex’s mum, uncle, and sister attended the wedding, while Racheal’s mom and dad were also present to bless the couple. All the other guests were friends who had supported our lovely couple throughout their relationship. 


The guests were just brilliant. They were a fun group. When our bride said, “Coffee is life”, one of the friends brought her a coffee while we were outside trying to warm her up. Whereas, all the other friends also helped our bride and groom throughout the day.


Talking about a supportive family, Jerri, our bride’s mum, along with the groom’s mum, helped with the bubble machines for the confetti moment at the wedding. Both the mothers held the machines as our couple walked through the bubbles, and the tiny shimmering water bubbles rendered such a dreamy aura to the moment, covering everyone, including us, in droplets of bubbles. It was a magical moment filled with giggles and laughter. It was also one of our favourite moments from this wedding as everyone around us seemed so authentic and spontaneous with their reactions and emotions. The scenes made for memories worth capturing and great wedding images!


Another highlight of the day was the luxury BMW car that our bride, Racheal, got as a surprise to get her to the ceremony and the couple to the reception. As a bonus to all the amazing wedding activities that unfolded throughout the day, the weather too seemed to be on our side. Just a crisp, autumn day with no rain! Although, it was windy, and as we did a few bridal portraits, the wind whipped up the bride’s veil! What a perfect shot! For the bridal portraits, we got some super quiet and relaxed time. Just us in the Italian maze, the birds chirping, and the tall lavender to frame the portraits. The bride’s accessories were so cool. From her red pashmina, red and black dramatic bouquet, beautiful t-bar bridal shoes with diamanté detail to her alternative Little Black Magic Book-inspired bridal bag – everything was mind-blowing.


Racheal and Alex’s reception venue was awe-inspiring. It was a stunning 16th-century medieval banqueting hall adjacent to the Crown & Cushion with high ceilings and wooden beams. Woah! The photos we got here were fantastic! From photographing the bride and groom’s solo portraits to taking their images together, from family portraits to candid images, we enjoyed each and every moment at this wedding. To be honest, there wasn’t a dull moment on this day, and everyone celebrated the union of the couple in style. 


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Racheal and Alex, you two are made for each other. You guys are so sweet, and it was such a pleasure to see you both so relaxed and in high spirits on your special day. Not only did it make our work easier, it also helped us create gorgeous photos of you two. From your wedding details, to attire, to florals, and everything else at this wedding was tastefully designed and put together. Your wedding venues were exquisite and picturesque. We had so much fun photographing your warm and welcoming guests too. We want to thank both of you for trusting us with your wedding photography and wish you two lots of happiness ahead!


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