What could possibly be better than marrying your sweetheart? Marrying your sweetheart twice over – six months after the first one! Yes, Emma and Sam managed to pull off two lovely weddings after they had to settle for a lowkey wedding the first time around due to the pandemic-related restrictions. We had the honour of documenting both the milestones in our couple’s lives, and this blog is about the second leg of their wedding celebrations at Cain Manor – a Bijoux wedding venue nestled between Surrey and Hampshire in a late 16th-century Elizabethan building in the parish of Headley, Hampshire – where the couple had the chance to mark the occasion by going in for an intimate ceremony and following it up with a gala bash, complete with dance, music, a sumptuous repast, drinks, and a generous dose of fun and merriment. For us as their photographers, this basically meant heaps of stunning images of a much-in-love couple and their lovely guests.

Cain Manor Wedding Photography

Since this was our second stint with Emma and Sam, we had little more room to push the creative boundaries and experiment with the setups and angles. As photographers, that’s what we strive to do – and that’s what makes us happy as creatives. For example, although Emma chose to don the same spectacular bridal gown that she wore for the first wedding, as her photographers, we made sure we gave her something new as far as photographing the wedding dress was concerned. I (Stephanie) would never usually have the time to hang a dress off a chandelier at a venue; but because I had photographed it on the bed hanging up before, this was a perfect opportunity to capture the dress from a different perspective. And we are happy that we could deliver what we had set out to capture! The bride’s dress was stunning; her long sleeves were almost like wings, and we wanted to create a few beautiful silhouettes that we created in the evening. More on that later!

Another great thing about this wedding was that Emma’s bridesmaid was able to do her makeup this time as she wasn’t able to come to the first wedding due to COVID-19-related curbs. As a thoughtful gesture towards more such guests who could not make it to the earlier wedding – because, well pandemic – the couple had the photographs from the first wedding printed into an album and had that on display for new guests to look through. Honestly, when you have such mindful and considerate hosts, it’s got to be one big happy party!

The ceremony was a blessing by a friend and was a really intimate and important part of the day. It was nice that the guests didn’t have to wear masks or socially distance during the celebrations – as was the case the last time around. Photographing our couple and their guests amidst the rustic vibes and expansive grasslands was sheer bliss! Right from taking detail shots of the bridal bouquet, shoes, rings, table decor and the wedding cake down to the ceremony images and the fun shots thereafter, we didn’t have a single dull moment at this country-style wedding. Not to mention the Star Wars – Disney fanatics – the groom brought his lightsabers with him, and it was fun capturing a fight on the dance floor between the bride and groom! And yes, fake daggers and an umbrella were also crossed in a mock fight pose for an image too!

If we had to pick a few personal favourite images, they surely got to be the ones basking in the golden hour light and having the best, relaxed shots in the long grass meadow! The golden light in the evening was just beautiful; the video team at Dom Balls Films and we went into the long grass fields and created magic! The bride’s veil swaying in the mild breeze, the soft evening sun wrapping the couple in its gentle glow and the grasslands awashed in golden hues. It was a beautiful, relaxed moment, where we could hear just the couple laughing at our prompts, the distant conversations of the wedding guests enjoying a drink outside, and catching glimpses of the back of the camera and just knowing that we had created beautiful portraits the couple would love.

Once Emma saw the sneak previews and gushed that I (Stephanie) am the only person allowed to take photos of her ever! I thought that was sweet and testimony to how we had made her feel at the two wedding events.

The confetti moment was full of laughter and went on longer this time as there were a lot more guests compared to their wedding of 20 in the spring. The group photographs went so well too as we already had that relationship with the couple’s families; it was a unique experience to be photographing them again.

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Emma and Sam, you guys are awesome! We love the fact that this bummer of a pandemic couldn’t dampen your spirits. It was great fun to be able to document your stories at both your wedding events. And thank you for playing the perfect hosts to the hilt and immaculately planning your big day and making it special for everyone present – be it the white and green colour scheme or the pristine floral decor. And another round of thanks for choosing to host your barn-style wedding at the befitting venue of Cain Manor and giving us such amazing photo opportunities. We wish you all the love and luck. We’d love to be a part of all your future milestones as you keep growing from strength to strength. Keep rocking! 

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  1. Venue: Cain Manor
  2. Video Production: Dom Balls Films
  3. Shooter Love: Stephanie (Primary), Steve (Secondary)


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