Ahh, the magic of weddings – no two are the same! Each celebration has that special something that captivates our hearts and our cameras. But the real showstopper? The amazing souls we’re lucky to meet along the way. These wonderful people not only make our job a breeze, but they warm our hearts with the sweetest surprises. Take, for example, the sun-soaked summer wedding of Catherine and Mike, nestled in the picturesque Easthampstead Park. Feeling the heat ourselves, we melted when the lovebirds shared a refreshing treat of ice cream with us! Needless to say, we were beaming with delight as we captured their sensational day.

Catherine And Mike’s Summer Wedding At Easthampstead Park 

Can you believe it? 19 amazing years in the wedding industry and still going strong! Thousands of photographs, countless memories, and the feeling of gratitude never fades. You know what really keeps our hearts aflutter? Those unforgettable emotional and oh-so-meaningful moments we’re fortunate enough to witness at each and every celebration of love.

Each couple, like the radiant Catherine and handsome Mike, weave their own unique tapestry of joy, laughter, and personal touches, creating a wedding story that is truly their own. And witnessing these tales unfold is the ultimate reason behind our ever-growing passion for this labour of love. Cheers to the beautiful journey of Catherine and Mike, and to all the lovely couples who let us be a part of their special day!

Catherine and Mike tied the knot in a classic church ceremony, which was officiated by none other than the bride’s own mother! Talk about a genuinely special and intimate touch to their magical day. It was truly a privilege to watch as Catherine’s mum bestowed her blessings upon the couple and shared her insights about the secrets to a happy marriage. We couldn’t have asked for a more endearing and heartwarming experience!

Picture this: A dreamy Victorian mansion straight from a storybook, serving as the enchanting backdrop for Mike and Catherine’s magical union. Welcome to Easthampstead Park in Wokingham, Berkshire – a truly breathtaking setting! The venue’s stunning gardens boasted an array of vivid colours, graceful fountains added an air of majesty, and towering trees simply left guests speechless. A fairytale wedding, indeed!

As luck would have it, the sun beamed brightly during their summer wedding at Easthampstead Park, resulting in some truly unforgettable wedding photos. Of course, the warmth of a summer’s day meant the quest for shade was essential! But our lovely couple had that covered— quite literally. They generously provided an ice cream van for everyone to indulge in mouth-watering treats.

From the moment we first met Mike and Catherine, their passion for all things Lego and Marvel instantly captivated us. So, you can only imagine our delight upon seeing adorable mini Lego versions of the newlyweds gracing each guest table at their summer wedding At Easthampstead Park! And let’s not forget the charming little Lego church stationed next to their wedding cake – simply magical! The special touches they sprinkled throughout their big day were a testament to their creativity and unique love story. Truly, Mike and Catherine, you’re both nothing short of genius!

Elevating the fun factor at their summer wedding at Easthampstead Park, Mike and Catherine had a marvelous idea – a bouncy castle! Their inner children leaped for joy, as did their guests. We were absolutely delighted to capture the couple in their element, creating unforgettable memories. In fact, these photos quickly became some of our all-time favourites.

Not to mention, Catherine and Mike’s thoughtfulness shone through when they left personalised bottles of bubbly on the tables for guests celebrating their own special milestones. Thoughtful touches like these truly bring warmth to the celebration. Post-wedding, the couple lovingly curated a wedding album, as well as parent albums for the VIPs. 

A Luxurious Wedding Photography Experience With Summers Photography

Catherine and Mike, you two are so kind-hearted! Thank you so much for having us as your wedding photographers. It was a privilege to photograph your big day, and we had so much fun with you and all your guests. We wish you a very happy marriage and look forward to photographing your future milestones too! 

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Second Shooter Shout-Out

  1. Husband & Business Partner: Steve

Featured Berkshire Wedding Vendors

  1. Venue – Easthampstead Park 
  2. Make: Phoebe Hayter
  3. Cake: Celebration Cakes by Catherine Scott 
  4. Entertainment: Innovents 
  5. Hairdresser: Zoe Balham 
  6. Flowers: Adele Kemp
  7. Stationery: Portia Nicklin
  8. Bouncy Castle: Jade Gibs

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