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Beautiful Warbrook House Hotel wedding.

When the groom, James, is a proud police officer, and the room at the wedding venue is named James, you know it’s meant to be! I met the gorgeous Victoria when we worked together some 10 years ago. I just knew she would have the best shoes – how amazing are they! As a Berkshire wedding photographer, we cover weddings from all corners of the county. But this was a special one in Eversley.

About the wedding:

This was a classic winter wedding at the beautiful Warbrook House Hotel in Eversley. Sadly, we didn’t get the chance to see the grounds as it poured down all day. However, despite the weather, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and joy. It’s moments like these that truly highlight the resilience and love shared between a couple on their special day.

Wedding weather:

If rain is a possibility on your wedding day, it’s important to have contingency plans in place. Ensure there are key areas to photograph indoors next to natural light to capture beautiful moments regardless of the weather. It’s essential to cover all bases and be prepared for any scenario that may arise.

When planning your wedding, consider the cohesive design and color palette. If you rely on your venue’s decor, ensure your style matches theirs to create a harmonious atmosphere. For example, Warbrook had chosen beautiful traditional Christmas colors – reds and golds throughout the hotel. This attention to detail enhanced the festive ambiance and created a magical setting for the celebration.

Of course, it’s your wedding day, and your personal preferences should shine through. However, taking into account the overall design and color scheme can elevate the aesthetic and create a visually stunning experience for you and your guests.

It was a beautiful day, and thank you for welcoming us and the team as you did.

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