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We keep photographing so many weddings throughout the year, and even though they’re all unique and beautiful in their own way, some truly stand out for us. Our couple Michele and Robert’s wedding was one of those special ones. They had a lovely ceremony at the St Mary’s Church in Slough and held the reception at the luxurious Sheraton Skyline Hotel. Besides the fantastic arrangements and incredible backdrops both the venues provided us with for photography, one thing that totally melted our hearts was that our bride’s mum remembered me (Stephanie) from when we met at a wedding fair years ago. It was so special and sweet! This little connection here filled us with even more enthusiasm and raised our excitement level by several notches. It’s true! Human bonds are beautiful and priceless! And at Summers Photography, we value them so much. We totally enjoyed the celebration and loved documenting every special moment at this wedding into our cameras. The result simply translated into some lovely and striking wedding portraits!

St Mary’s Church & Sheraton Skyline Hotel Wedding

Michele and Robert are just brilliant together! And to witness how much they are loved by their family and friends filled our hearts with joy. In fact, this whole celebration was all about the beautiful family bonding, support of friends and all those genuine, sweet emotions. The bride’s sister was so lovely, and witnessing all the other close ones admire our couple with so much affection was pure magic!

It was a beautiful morning, and as we got to the church the heavens opened. We enjoyed creating all those photos of Michele under the umbrella. They turned out to look so beautiful. Also, the wonderful ceremony at St Mary’s Church deserved to be documented in the best way possible. Those moments were so special for our couple and their loved ones that we just knew we had to showcase them perfectly. And so we did! The backdrops that the church offered us both indoors and outdoors helped us achieve what we were aiming for. The natural daylight, the greenery, the brick-red church building and our super happy couple just made our work easier. 

The reception at the Sheraton Skyline was spectacular! Michele and Robert chose the Doctor Who theme for their celebration, which was loved by all. There were several customised and personalised wedding details that helped us highlight our couple’s personalities through our photos. The pool at the hotel had a really cool moon hanging over the middle. It looked super great in the photos as something unusual. Also, the tropical surroundings were absolutely refreshing. Having drinks by the pool during the reception was a bit different from what we usually experience at weddings, and it made us feel as if we were on holiday!

There was so much love, laughter and happy dancing at this wedding. The DJ and compere were energetic and knew how to get the party started. The speeches were heartwarming, and the first dance was deeply romantic. Besides all the fun and enjoyment, this wedding had some beautiful, emotional moments in equal measures. One of them was the father-daughter dance, which literally brought tears to our eyes.

From the moment our bride and groom began getting ready and the time of their ceremony to the family formals, the cake cutting and partying at the reception, we loved documenting all the special moments. Photographing all the details of our bride’s look for the day was such a joy. And creating our groom’s images with his amazing groomsmen was so much fun. That big family group photo we took outside the church turned out to look superb. The day was laced with merriment and fun vibes.

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Michele and Robert, you two are true gems, and we really loved your company. Your wedding was so gorgeous, and photographing it was an honour. We appreciate all the efforts and planning both of you put into making your big day even more special than it already was. From the dresses to decor to florals to table arrangements and even the camper van that you two arranged for the kids to be ferried to the church was amazing. Also, working with Georgia Treweek, the wedding organiser, was a pleasure. She was so sweet and friendly. We’d also like to give a shout-out to our friends Catherine Scott from Celebration Cakes and Spacebar Productions. Collaborating with them is always fun. Michele and Robert, we thank you two for choosing us to be your wedding photographers and wish you both a lifetime of happiness together.

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  1. Venue 1: St Mary’s Church, Slough
  2. Venue 2: Sheraton Skyline Hotel
  3. Wedding Planner: Georgia Treweek
  4. Makeup & Hair Stylist: CJ Beauty & Co
  5. Cake: Catherine Scott, Celebration Cakes
  6. Evening Entertainment: Spacebar Productions
  7. Wedding Car: Christopher’s Cars
  8. Shooter Love: Stephanie & Steve (husband and wife team), Summers Photography

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