Alex & Kane’s Norton Park Hotel Wedding

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Alex & Kane’s Norton Park Hotel Wedding


Two of the most sublime venues, lovely rustic vibes, perfect weather and an incredibly fun group of guests – these were some of the things that greeted us when we got the opportunity to photograph Alex and Kane’s gorgeous wedding. Alex and Kane’s wedding was full of genuine emotions, spontaneous expressions and lots of fun moments. There was abundant natural lighting, amazing music, a furry friend and a pink unicorn at the wedding (hahaha… more on that later!). Our couple got ready at the Norton Park Hotel, Winchester, and then had a lovely ceremony at Dummer Church before moving back to Norton Park for their reception. What an action-packed day it was! And, with clients as photogenic as Alex and Kane, we were hoping to create some impressive couple photos. And that’s exactly what we got. The images turned out to be fabulous.


Dummer Church & Norton Park Hotel Wedding Photography


Alex and Kane had first met through a Mini Cooper club and brought theirs to the wedding to give a nostalgic touch to their special day. At the Dummer Church, the boys arrived in BMW i8, Lamborghini and a Range Rover. We just made sure to get some epic car shots outside of the village church as it created a striking juxtaposition. Another fun-on-the-wheels moment at this wedding was when all the guests got on to the double-decker London bus, which ferried them from the hotel to the church and back. The guests were singing on their way to the church and sipping gin cocktails on the way back to the hotel! It was such a delight to see how everyone was celebrating and enjoying our couple’s big day. And talking about the couple, the image I got of them inside the bus as they stole a kiss turned out stunning too, thanks to the awesome chemistry these two share —and the contrasting and bright check print red seating covers and the sunshine yellow roof!


This wedding had many other interesting moments. Our groom, Alex, is 6ft 8inches tall and so, there were lots of jokes going on at the wedding about his height and his love for mini coopers. These were two things about him that also became a part of the speeches. The bridal party was one amazing gang. They were such fun and supportive people, open to our ideas, and on board with everything. They were a truly joyous bunch that made the day go super smoothly. Another highlight of this group was that I (Stephanie Cronin) used to often work with one of the bridesmaids. She used to be a wedding planner and is a dear friend of mine. She also played a major role in making the day go incredibly well.


Photographing the bridal party amidst the gorgeous greenery and picturesque backgrounds that the Norton Park Hotel had to offer was an amazing experience for us. Even the images taken inside the white glass garden room came out stunning. After the reception dinner, we took the girls out for more bridesmaids’ photos. We also took more of our groom’s images. Spending some social time with our couple and their bridal party after the wedding was one of those parts of the wedding we loved the most.


There was an outdoor swing on the Norton Park property; so our couple got to spend some really lovely and intimate moments under a giant oak tree. Another favourite moment of ours from this wedding was the image we got to create of our couple while they were drenched in golden light. One section of our photography time was dedicated to our couple’s spaniel puppy. Our couple’s furry friend stayed at the reception throughout and got so many cuddles from all the guests. We featured the cute pup in lots of wedding photos and as a fellow spaniel owner, I (Stephanie) can say, one can never have too many dog portraits! 


The wedding venue was adorned with my fav sunflowers and thistles! The flower power was running through the entire wedding theme. There was a rustic-style wedding cake with sunflowers piped onto them. Gin bottles were used everywhere as decor and the wedding had a steel band playing some lovely music. If that wasn’t wonderful enough, our bride’s father became the DJ in the evening. Another fun event at the wedding was when one of the guests changed into a life-size unicorn outfit for catching the bouquet as our bride tossed it in the air. Guess what, the unicorn caught the bouquet! It left everyone present quite amused and entertained. We always love it when couples and their guests find such creative ways to add some fun elements to the wedding day.


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Alex and Kane, we love you two so much. Both of you were so welcoming, and we can’t keep ourselves from mentioning that the two of you are beautiful inside out. You are a brilliant couple to spend time with, and the time we got with you two after the wedding was just so lovely. We are thankful that you two were the lovely clients who gave us a bar tab for dinner to keep us going. Your guests were also amazing and so much fun. The wedding arrangements were flawless and the venues, be it the Dummer Church or Norton Park Hotel, were sublime. Kudos to you two for the perfect planning and execution. We want to thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers and wish you both a happy married life together.


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Featured Winchester Wedding Vendors

  1. Venue 1 (ceremony): Dummer Church, Winchester
  2. Venue 2 (reception): Norton Park Hotel, Winchester
  3. Hair: Faye Carter
  4. Flowers: Nicola Florists
  5. Cake: The Sugarcraft Contessa 
  6. Stationery: Grace & Bramble
  7. Toastmaster: Nigel Worsfold
  8. Shooter Love: Stephanie (primary shooter), Steve (secondary shooter)

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