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Growing our network, building relationships in the industry, and working with people who are as invested in their professions as us and also fun to collaborate with are some of the perks of our profession. We have worked with many videographers and video teams over the years, and it has always been such an enriching experience. Even though they are different businesses, the beauty of our relationships lies in our teamwork. A beautiful professional collaboration with the same objective – to provide our clients with the best visuals possible and make their special day a little more special! But how do we do it? How do we sync the stills and moving visuals to make it look like one gorgeous event rather than working with different perspectives and ending up with entirely non-cohesive results? There must be a secret, right? Yes, there is! Not one but five such things that we do and stay mindful of to help each other and make sure that each of our couples go “wow” when they get the final products. What’s more, working in tandem also helps us maintain long-lasting professional relationships. We’ve spilled the beans here. Keep reading!

How Photographers & Videographers Work In Sync To Give Clients The Best

1. Communicate Before The Wedding Day

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” This quote from Nat Turner stands true in any situation. And the same goes for shooting a wedding as well. Communication IS key! Before we arrive at the location or the wedding venue, we make it a point to find out from our couples about the other vendors and videographers who have been hired to provide their services on the D-day. Because everything happens in the flash of an eye on the day of the shoot, it is crucial to know who is going to be where and doing what at what point. And that’s why after getting a list of vendors, we touch base with them and communicate on the photography and videography plans so that we’re on the same page on the shoot day. Many times, we realize we’re again going to collaborate with our friends in the industry or have worked with some video teams already and this gets us even more excited.

2. Try To Showcase Similar Styles

This step comes next. After we’ve greeted each other and learnt a little more about each other’s businesses and teams, we exchange our rough plans about covering the wedding. We exchange notes on how we can showcase a similar style of documenting the wedding from a cohesive video and photo perspective. That way, it is easier for us to understand and help each other on the wedding day. Also, it ensures that our couples get the best experience and impressive visuals of their special day.

3. Stay In Touch On The Wedding Day

At Summers Photography, we create a photo timeline and a schedule derived from the venue’s running order of the day. In this timeline, we add the moments that the video team and we would need to stitch our couple’s story in a synergetic way. For example, the golden hour and point of view for photos. Once we’re sorted on that front, we reach the venue on the final day and get in touch with the video team. Next, we discuss both of our timelines (photographers and videographers) and then get down to business as a team.

4. Support Each Other At Work

As videography is a moving service, we always aim to include more movement in our photos to support the video teams. We don’t fail to ask if they would like to lead on a few shots and what they would like, for example, couples walking toward the camera or away from it. We also discuss if we’re to create any signature Disney moments, complete with Hollywood dips and skipping! Whatever it is, one team always has the other’s back, and we support each other to bring out the most amazing moments in the most beautiful way.

5. Share Sneak Peeks After The Wedding

Now, do you think that collaborating with each other as photographers and videographers in Berkshire is all work and business and no fun? Well, then we’d be happy to break the perception! Because that’s not true. We enjoy and share fun moments with each other while working together. And to prove it, we do not forget to shoot some behind-the-scenes moments. After the wedding, we share sneak peeks of those moments with each other and on social media so that people get to know how strong our bonds are as vendors and friends. Sometimes, we also share these snippets with our couples for them to post on their social media platforms and showcase how fun and chilled out their wedding day was. It’s quite a win-win situation for all!

Summers Photography For Your Special Moments!

It has been almost 20 years since I (Stephanie Cronin) began photographing and around 15 since I teamed up with Steve, my husband and business partner. That was in 2007, one year before we got married. It’s been such a beautiful journey ever since, and together, we’ve had the opportunity to work with so many outstanding wedding videographers. As photographers, we’ve always followed the same mantras and, thankfully, it has not only worked for us every time but also for our clients. Now, with that said, we want to give a huge shout-out to some of our favourite videographers we have had the luck to work with recently. And let us take their names in one breath! W4 Wedding Films, Dom Balls Production, Norman from Smiley Snaps, John Kent, Irene Piera Films, and Tie The Knot Films. We had a great time working with all these talented videography teams and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

Hello readers! If you’re looking for an excellent photographer and videographer teamwork at your wedding too (or at the wedding of someone you know), you can book us right away. We ensure that our clients enjoy their day while we take care of their photography needs and also support their videographers. We promise to provide you with stunning photos of your memorable moments and also a wholesome and unique photography experience. You can contact us for bookings and drop us an email for any photography-related queries. To know more about our photography style, you can check this out. To see more of our work, take a look at our other blogs. For more images and updates by Summers Photography, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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