Congratulations You’re Engaged! Now what?…

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Congratulations You’re Engaged! Now what?… It’s that time of year before the Summer holidays and the Summer weddings start, that brides and grooms are planning their weddings.  According to WeddingWire, Christmas Day is the number 1 day to pop the question, quickly followed by Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Day and at number 5 New Years Eve!

Seeing that it is March, that means that we have over 100,000 couples who are currently looking into booking their venues, having meetings with their photographers, confirming stationery orders for save the dates and perusing Pinterest for their wedding day colour palette and floral design.

It can seem overwhelming with what you have to do, but make sure you book wedding professionals that have been in the industry for some time so that they can support you with their experience and ideas. We spoke to 5 of our friends that are professional businesses in the wedding industry for golden advice for those planning a wedding and beat the overwhelm of wedding planning.  We hope you find it interesting and helpful, be sure to leave a comment below, connect with our friends on social media and if you have further questions send a message through the website or email

Grace and Bramble – Wedding Stationery –

Stationery is your guests first introduction to the theme and tone of your big day. When you work out the quantities required be sure to account for families and couples in the total amount. Trying to save some pennies? Why not ask guests to rsvp by email / text rather than a separate rsvp card. Consider using a 2 or 3 shades of a colour or use complimentary colours to create a cohesive design. Mix and match card stocks and finishes to give interest and texture. Give your guests a game or quiz on the reception tables, its a great icebreaker for those tables that don’t know everyone.

Wedding Planning

For busy couples, consider hiring a wedding planner.  A wedding planner takes on board all of the big details right down to the tiny ones.  With regards to getting your wedding theme planned out, most couples who come to me already have an idea of what they are looking for as a theme for their wedding. However if they needed a little bit more advice then I would ask them a selection of questions so I can get an insight into them as a couple – where did you meet,  what do you like to do as “date night”,  what’s your favourite holiday destination etc. I then base my suggestions on these answers as the wedding theme has to reflect the happy couple.

If you are at the start of your wedding planning it is really daunting when you think of how many suppliers are out there. I can step in and help whittle that list down. Again we would have a meeting and you tell me all about what you envisage for your wedding day and I then do the research. I already have a selection of preferred suppliers who if they fit your specification I will add them to my final report. If not then I will contact fellow planners and suppliers to ask for their recommendations. I then compile a report of my top three suppliers for that speciality and can arrange meetings on your behalf so you then have the final decision.

Your wedding planner is the 1st port of call on the day of the wedding for all suppliers so if they need anything they come to me. I would have contacted all of them the day before to ensure they are all on schedule. I will make sure everything is set up ready for the ceremony and the reception and be present for any questions directing guests and if anyone in the bridal party needs anything I also have an emergency wedding day kit with every eventuality covered. Throughout the day I will be there behind the scenes to make sure it all goes smoothly. Consider your wedding planner as your fairy godmother; I only appear when you need me!

Seventh Heaven – Florist –

Get your date & venue confirmed, dress chosen, photography and entertainment booked first. Flowers and décor would be the next thing to consider. Pick something to be your main focus to act as a starting point which you can then build upon. Whether it is your favourite colour or colour combinations, a ‘theme’ or even something like candles and candlelight.

Most couples tend to have an idea of the type of day they want to have ie relaxed & informal, traditional, laid-back & casual, fun-filled, all about the party etc – we use this combined with factors such as the venue & season as an initial base to build upon

Prior to our first consultation with a couple we do ask that they gather as much information as they can by looking at colours or themes which they may particularly like, and whether there is anything specific they would like to incorporate within their big day. Pinterest is an amazing place for wedding inspiration along with websites such as Rock My Wedding, Style Me Pretty and Want That Wedding which are great for ideas & inspiration from past ‘real life’ weddings.

The majority of Brides do have a particular colour, flower or idea they would like to incorporate within their big day, however with so much choice available it can be massively overwhelming. Often, knowing what you don’t want/like is just as useful in choosing what you want for your big day!

Many Brides find it hard to explain/describe the type of look they want for their big day as they are often unsure on flower names/terminology etc so by collating a set of images which they really like can give us a real insight into the style, colours and theme that they are looking to achieve. We would work with the couple to design a look & feel which is unique & personal to them

It’s really quite vital to factor in the style of your venue when deciding upon your theme/colour scheme for your big day. The venue should fit into the feel & style of the day eg barns are great for a rustic themed day, marquees ideal for a relaxed ‘english country garden’ feel or vintage theme whilst country manor houses are perfect for a classical, slightly more formal affair. Use the features of your venue to their best advantage & choose a theme/colour scheme which will complement the style/decor of the venue.

The flowers and décor are an excellent way to set the scene for your colour scheme or theme. Research different florists or venue stylists both local to you, and local to your venue. Recommendations from friends and family or from your venue’s preferred supplier list should be taken on board, along with the company’s longevity and reputation. Consider sourcing as much as possible from one supplier, it can be more cost effective as you may be able to negotiate prices for a large order and limit delivery & set-up charges.

Meet with the florist or venue stylist to discuss your colour schemes, themes and ideas and take on board their suggestions with regards to flower suitability, seasonal availability and price. Don’t be afraid to let them know your budget at the very start and request to see images of past work, especially any images of their work at your venue. Many suppliers will offer ancillary services on top of flowers such as chair covers, organza drapes or fairylight options. Consider ordering these as well as this will ensure colour and theme continuity with everything.

Top tips for Brides and Grooms

·         Don’t leave everything to the last minute – we hear of some many brides who have stayed up into the early hours the night before their wedding frantically trying to get things finished. It’s important to enjoy the special time leading up to the wedding (and also means you’re more likely to be looking your best with a good night sleep in you!)

·         Choose reputable suppliers who you trust – there’s only so much planning you can do and then you have to leave the rest to the professionals.

·         With the infamous great British weather it’s important to make a weather contingency plan (and ensure that all suppliers know this) so that the day will run smoothly whatever the weather brings!

·         Try not to get too bogged down with colour matching every item to an exact match – shades of colours will vary between flowers, stationery cards, chair cover sashes and decorative items – as long as everything tones and compliments each other, you will easily achieve the overall look, colour scheme or theme you have strived to create. And more importantly, enjoy choosing and designing everything!

Irene Piera Films – Videographer

Why is it important to have a videographer? One thing that is almost always highlighted by our couples after their wedding is how quickly their day went by. As videographers, we are able to take a step back when filming to see the wider picture and capture things that sum up a moment and the people around you. Photographs and film can tell a similar story in very different ways. We want our films to transport our couples back to that moment in time so that they can remember how they felt on one of the most important days of their lives. Films bring images, sound and music together to tell a one-of-a-kind story and we really believe they will be one of the best investments you can make. When the day is over you will still be able to hear the laughter, feel the nerves before the ceremony and see your loved ones get emotional as well as dance their socks off like there’s no tomorrow!  Should we book one or two videographers? This can depend on a lot of things. I would generally recommend two shooters to any couples planning a wedding with 80 or more guests so that we can offer the best coverage possible. Having a second videographer is not only great for the morning but it’s so lovely to have another angle for the rest of the day – it adds another perspective to the footage and it means that Sam and I can be in separate places capturing different bits at the same time – making sure we capture any moments you might miss. However, couples who plan a smaller affair usually prefer the idea of having one videographer there to capture the essential parts of the day.   How long is the final product? On the final DVD or memory stick, you receive various films – I provide the vows, speeches and first dance in full as well as a highlights film and a longer version of this. So overall, I usually deliver approximately an hour’s worth of footage and the turnaround time is between 5 and 10 weeks from the wedding date.

Summers Photography – Berkshire Wedding Photographer

You’ve spent a few hours eating cake and choosing flowers. Whilst these are yummy and gorgeous, sadly they don’t last past the day of the wedding. The one supplier from your day that carries the memories on is your photographer. Make sure you have seen a full days wedding from your photographer from the details of getting ready in the morning right the way through to the party at the evening reception. By seeing this, you will have a clearer understanding of their style and how they document the day.  Don’t just look at one blog or album, try to look through several to give you the bigger picture. Packages. Whilst some photographers will offer 10 different album packages, we like to keep things simply. We only offer 3 packages as feel that any more than that is too much.  You have the option to go for 1) a digital package with USB, 2) a medium boxed album with an acrylic cover and matching USB included within the box or 3) Large luxury boxed album with USB separate in another box with prints. There are a few selections, but it depends on the level of product you are looking for. Again, this is so important for you to meet your photographer to be sure you are happy with the quality of product. We only provide high end, bespoke products for our clients so you can be sure they are of the highest quality. And last but not least; probably one of the more important factors is meeting with your photographer before you book them.  The photographer is the one supplier that joins you on the full entirety of the day to document each event; you need to be comfortable with them, as if they were a friend enjoying the day with you.  I have often commented that if you can envisage going out for coffee or dinner with your photographer, then you are on the right tracks!

We all hope that you have enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions feel free to get i touch at or through the website.

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