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Capturing Your Wedding Day: A Comprehensive Guide by Berkshire Wedding Photographer Summers Photography

Planning your wedding is an exhilarating journey, and entrusting your special day to a talented photographer like Summers Photography ensures that every precious moment is beautifully captured. Having established a strong connection and fallen in love with their work, it’s crucial to understand the next steps. Let’s delve into a detailed guide to help you prepare and discuss the key images that will make your wedding album truly unforgettable.

**Pre-Wedding Prep: Cherishing Every Detail**

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, Summers Photography loves to engage in meetings or Skype calls, fostering a strong connection and ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. As the wedding day approaches, take some time to consider the following key moments:

**1. Hair and Make-Up Getting Ready:**

Kickstart your wedding day with captivating images of your dress, shoes, and accessories arranged elegantly. These shots not only set the tone for your wedding gallery but also capture the joy and excitement of getting ready with your bridesmaids. Imagine candid moments of your father adjusting his cufflinks or the flower girl adding mischief – these are memories you’ll cherish forever.

*Tip: Create clutter-free spaces for getting ready; it not only enhances the aesthetic of the photos but also allows for smoother photography.*

**2. Groom and Groomsmen:**

While most grooms are content with photos starting at the ceremony venue, consider capturing the behind-the-scenes moments. From polishing shoes to checking the best man’s responsibilities, welcoming guests and sharing a light-hearted moment at the bar, these candid shots provide a unique perspective into the anticipation and camaraderie before the ceremony.

**3. Ceremony:**

Depending on your chosen venue, Summers Photography can skilfully capture moments throughout the ceremony as they happen, except during the signing of the register where we will set up a few posed shots for this moment. For church weddings, be sure to clarify any denominational photography policies with your officiant. We offer dual perspective for all our wedding ceremonies with one photographer at the front facing the couple and one at the back of the space.

**4. Confetti Moment:**

The confetti moment is a joyous, unscripted part of the day, resulting in candid, laughter-filled shots. These images serve as a perfect introduction to your wedding album and showcase the genuine happiness shared by you and your guests.  Check out our other blog about what confetti type to use.

**5. Group Shots:**

Group shots are not only essential but also heartwarming with legacy created behind them. They tell the story of families coming together, providing a cherished opportunity to capture everyone in a photograph before breaking down into individual families and the bridal party.

**6. Portrait Shots:**

Take a moment to bask in the joy of being newlyweds. Capture intimate portraits that reflect the love and celebration shared between you two, accompanied by a glass of celebratory bubbles.

**7. Speeches:**

Documenting speeches is a delightful way to capture candid moments and the lighter side of the celebration. Whether before or after the meal, these images showcase the genuine emotions and reactions of both the couple and the guests.

**8. First Dance and Cake Cutting:**

To create a seamless flow, arrange the cake cutting just before your first dance. This ensures that everyone is already gathered on the dance floor, allowing your photographer to capture natural group shots and the magical moments of your first dance.

This comprehensive guide is just a glimpse into the potential highlights of your wedding day. If you have additional ideas or specific moments you’d like immortalised, Summers Photography is more than willing to accommodate. Share your thoughts in the comments, through the website, or via email at Summers Photography is dedicated to creating a visual narrative that reflects the uniqueness and beauty of your wedding day, providing you with a timeless collection of images to cherish forever.

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