How Does A Wedding Photographer Capture The Evening Entertainment: Cake, First Dance, And More

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How Does A Wedding Photographer Capture The Evening Entertainment: Cake, First Dance, And More

Wedding days are always special for us, and we love capturing all the important moments for our clients. Even after 19 years on the job, we still have a blast photographing all the dancing and singing. Sometimes, we even join in on the fun! However, photographing weddings can be challenging because there’s so much happening all the time.

But don’t worry when you hire professional photographers like us. We always have a solid plan for documenting all your precious moments. At Summers Photography, we’re passionate about photographing weddings and helping our clients create lasting memories with high-quality results and services. In this blog, we’ll show you how we capture the evening entertainment at your event.

How We Capture Evening Entertainment At Your Wedding

1. True Candid Style 

At Summers Photography, we think taking wedding photos is all about watching and capturing what happens naturally. That’s why we don’t make you pose for every shot. We believe some of the best pictures are the ones taken when no one’s looking. We want to capture those special moments for you.

During your wedding’s evening fun like cutting the cake, dancing, and saying goodbye, we’re there, snapping photos as it all happens. This way, you’ll have memories to treasure forever. We’ll be with you for eight hours on your big day, starting from when you’re getting ready, all the way to the first dance or even a few songs after to keep the celebration going.

2. The Cake-Cutting Ceremony

One of the most important moments of a wedding’s evening entertainment is the cake-cutting ceremony. This is a moment when our bride and groom are surrounded by their closest friends and family, and there is a lot of emotion in the air. We start by making sure that we are in place and have the right lenses before we’re ready to go! Next, we take some close-up shots of the cake from different angles and then move on to photographing the newlyweds cutting the cake. These are always our favourite shots to take because the couple looks so happy and in love, plus the cakes look really scrumptious!

3. The First Dances

It’s always exciting when our newlyweds take to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. And as your wedding photographer, it is our responsibility to make sure that this moment is captured beautifully and timelessly. We prepare our different lenses – wide angle, telephoto – to make sure that we are prepared to capture the first dance from any angle. The mood lighting at the venue or the lighting from the disco ball on the dancefloor play a big role in setting the ambience for these photos, and we make sure to incorporate that into our shots.

4. Evening Guests

Wedding photography is all about capturing the joy and excitement of the day. And what better way to do that than by photographing your guests?! We love photographing guests as they eat, drink, and dance the night away. Of course, this means that we have to be quick on our feet and always be ready to snap a photo at a moment’s notice. To do this, we follow the simple “divide and conquer” rule to make sure all your loved ones are photographed and no moment is missed.

5. Sparklers

Photographing wedding sparklers is a part of every wedding photographer’s skill set. So, whether you have a sparkler exit or wish to have fun with these gorgeous twinkling props, we’re here to capture it all! For us, it’s all about timing. We wait till our newlyweds and their guests are ready and start photographing a sea of sparklers as you smile and exit the venue. The result is a series of stunning photos that truly capture the essence of your special day. So, if you’re looking for professional photographers who can help you capture your wedding day in all its brilliance, we’ve got you covered.

6. Fireworks

If you plan on having fireworks at your wedding, count us in! We love the way they light up the sky and add an extra touch of drama to your big day. To capture the perfect shot, we use photography equipment like tripods to get a nice, sharp image of the fireworks without any blur. We also like to use a wide-angle lens to get as much of the action in the frame as possible. With a little pre-planning from your end as well, we can capture pictures of your wedding fireworks that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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