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How Does A Wedding Photographer Present Their Images After The Wedding? With nearly two decades of experience capturing Berkshire weddings, my husband and I have accumulated a wealth of photos, each meticulously edited to perfection. But our dedication doesn’t end with the wedding ceremony. Expect a series of updates from us post-wedding, keeping you informed about the progress of your photo gallery delivery.

Curious about when you’ll receive your cherished wedding photos? We’ve laid out a detailed plan below, ensuring transparency and clear communication every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure you feel supported and satisfied throughout your wedding journey.

**When To Expect Your Wedding Photos:**

1. **Wedding Date:** Your wedding day is a joyous occasion, and our role as your photographers is to capture every precious moment. With our team covering different angles, you can relax knowing your special day is being documented thoroughly.

2. **The Week After The Wedding:** As the excitement lingers, we understand your eagerness to see glimpses of your photos. We aim to provide sneak previews, offering a taste of the magic captured on your big day.

3. **One Month to Six Weeks After The Wedding:** Every photo from your wedding is treated as a masterpiece. We dedicate this time to meticulously finalize and polish your images before delivering the full gallery via a secure online platform.

4. **Eight Weeks After The Wedding:** Following gallery delivery, you’ll have the opportunity to select your favorite images based on your chosen product. Whether it’s a folio box with prints or an album, we ensure your preferences are met.

5. **Twelve Weeks After The Wedding:** Once you’ve made your selections, we begin crafting your wedding album. After reviewing the proofs and finalizing the design together, your album is sent for printing.

6. **Sixteen Weeks After The Wedding:** Your chosen product, whether it’s a folio box or album, is delivered to us ten weeks after gallery delivery. We meticulously inspect the final product to ensure its quality before personally handing it over to you.

7. **One Year After Your Wedding:** As your first anniversary approaches, we send a friendly reminder to ensure your wedding images are securely backed up. We emphasize the importance of storing them safely for future enjoyment.

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