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One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is the sheer amount of fun we get to have while on the job. There’s dancing, singing, and all sorts of goofing around that we get to witness and sometimes even be a part of. And even after 20 years of photographing weddings, every time we have an experience like that, it makes us feel so grateful for our jobs. But as fun as weddings can be, it can get complicated to photograph everything when so much is happening at the same time. However, there’s no need to worry. Because when you hire professional wedding photographers like us for your big day, you are bound to get high-quality services too. 

How We Capture The Evening Entertainment At Your Wedding

1. We Love A Party!

We can’t hide it: We love a good party. We enjoy the festivities and the happy energy in the room when we get to photograph a party – especially the wedding day party. The getting ready shots, the first look, the couples portraits, etc are all classic wedding day photos that we always look forward to creating. Still, the caking cutting ceremony, the first dances, and all the dances beyond that are also something that we have a blast while photographing.

2. We Sort Out The Camera Equipment 

As your wedding photographers, we make sure that everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. When you hire us as your wedding photographers, you also choose a professional wedding photography service that aims to offer you a memorable wedding photography experience. After photographing the ceremony, we ensure that everything is ready to go for the evening. New batteries, memory cards, flash triggers, tripods secure – all those lovely things – are taken care of by us.

3. No Posing Rule

Some of the greatest photographs ever taken turned out to be candids. This is not a famous quote, but something that we truly believe and follow in our photography style. When it comes to capturing the evening entertainment, the cake cutting ceremony, and the first dance – everything is candid. If someone is laughing too much, then I am sure we will document it where we can. Our photography style is all about giving you moments that you will never forget, and that often means taking pictures as epic moments unfold right in front of us.

4. Lighting For Dancing

Dancing is a crucial part of your wedding day (and one of the most fun too!). Whether it’s the first dances or the crazy open dance floor – we want to capture every bit of the dance floor action. We might capture a soft moment between our bride and groom or freeze a moment of you both showing off some epic moves, both of which always turn out to be a hit with our couples and their friends and family. To take these first dance photos, we make sure that we do some funky light things on the dance floor to add an ambience that automatically makes the photos more appealing.

5. Collaborate With Your DJ/Band

To ensure that everyone is on the same page and there are no hiccups during the event, we also talk to your DJ/band to see if they are adding light to give a different atmosphere. This way, we know exactly the kind of lighting the photos will need and won’t add something that completely ruins the ambience and hence your pictures. 

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