What confetti looks best in wedding photographs?

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What confetti looks best in wedding photographs? It’s no secret that confetti is our favourite moment on your whole wedding day, it just creates the most fantastic images of expressions!

There’s so many options for confetti, so here is a round up of some of our favourite types. We do recommend the bigger the better, may that be real, full petals or the tissue paper type, but please double check with your venue if they have any restrictions. 

Fresh Full Petals

Typically these will be given to you by your florist on the morning of the wedding so they are fresh, full and haven’t shrunk before the wedding.  We love fresh petals for their size, but as they are heavier; you need to really have a lot more of them if you want that flurry confetti shot.

Lavender Seeds

You will be finding the seeds and smelling of lavender for days! We do love the look of it, it can be quite tricky getting it out your hair just afterwards! But the fullness of the lavender makes for a great shot.

Confetti Canons

Some of our favourite moments are confetti canons as they give such a fullness in the spread. This shot was of tissue paper indoors from the DJ, but the DJ also had a hoover with him to clean it up!

The second image is a combination of dried petals in the background and a canon that has just been let off on the right hand side.

You can purchase confetti canons with real petals that we do recommend. We’ve seen these at weddings that work well. Perhaps have 2 of them at the beginning of your confetti walk, then other guests can have single handfuls each. https://www.shropshirepetals.com/blog/confetti-cannon/


Tissue Paper Discs

These are some of my favourites for their shape and the size, but as they are paper they aren’t biodegradable, so most venues aren’t keen. But they are brilliant for their big confetti size and look great in the shots.

Dried petals

Pretty for the colour, they are quite small in size. They fly quite well as they are so small. But having a lot of them as you can see in the 2nd image works really well. 


Blowing bubbles

The eco-friendly version that venues don’t mind as don’t leave a mess. Better than blowing bubbles are electronic bubble machines that give a full flurry of bubbles!

Further comments on confetti!

Confetti is an expense no matter which option you go for, however it really depends on where your importance lands on having that “perfect” confetti moment.

The one element that is more important is the volume of confetti that you purchase. If you can only go for a couple of handfuls, then we would recommend not doing a walk through and just get a few people to throw over you in one spot.

As you can see from this shot, the right hand side crowd were excellent at their confetti throwing, making this side excellent! The left hand side either timing was off or they hadn’t thrown as much, that’s why it looks a bit “gappy”.


I hope that this blog What confetti looks best in wedding photographs has helped in your confetti journey! If you have any questions about wedding photography then simply drop us an email here info@summers-photography.co.uk or visit Instagram for https://www.instagram.com/summersphotographyweddings/

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